you are a smart woman working for a large corporation.

You always knew you would be successful. You worked hard to get this great job, and now you have so many opportunities to travel and grow, meet interesting people, tackle intellectual challenges, and of course benefits and year end bonuses.

By many standards you have made it!

and yet...

you find yourself getting so stressed. Your job is demanding and sometimes your bosses just don’t seem to have reasonable expectations.

It’s like vacations are the only time when you can finally relax…only to be stressed again the moment you walk into the office and find a full mailbox waiting for you. Sometimes dread seems to take over and somehow that phone call that would take minutes never gets done. Sometimes you think that maybe if you change teams, company or the city you live in, things would finally feel just right.

You have a nagging sense that you must be missing something because you still feel this creeping dissatisfaction despite your obvious success. And you can’t even exactly point your finger on where this dissatisfaction comes from. Sometimes it’s like your life is just passing by and you are not even sure how much of it you like.

sounds familiar?

What if things could be different?

Imagine what your life could be if you knew how to manage your emotions to help you, instead of getting in your way. Imagine if you knew how to work effectively so that you could get your work done with more ease and fun and have energy left to enjoy your life outside of work even more. Imagine what it would be like if you stopped second guessing yourself and knew exactly what you want and went for it. In your career and in your private life.

if this is what you want, i can help you. i can be your coach.