Decluttering the mind

Back in 2017 when I first read Marie Kondo‚Äôs book, the life changing magic of tidying up, I happened to be in Austin for the conference SXSW. And Marie Kondo happened to be one of the speakers.  During her presentation she did a simple demonstration of her method of folding clothes. I have to say, for something apparently so mundane, she was able to generate incredible inspiration. 

Why is it that she had such a big success? 

Other than her unique style, I think she touches on something that most of us can connect to. We know the power of a tidy and clean environment on our mental state: the ease, the positive energy, the aesthetic pleasure.

I see our mind in a similar way. If we let it get cluttered, with unhelpful thoughts repeating on and on unchecked, occupied by things we are avoiding to take care of, inevitably we will feel similarly to being in a cluttered space: heavy, overwhelmed, just bleah. 

Here are some strategies that work for me when I want to declutter and clean up my mind:

  • Journaling, simply writing down all the things that are on my mind
  • Practicing a short meditation, which helps to slow down and gain some distance from the thoughts
  • Engaging in an activity that helps me focus completely on the present moment, ideally involving exercise that also requires concentration. My personal favorite is horse riding!
  • When I am facing something more challenging, talking through things with a friend or a coach to gain clarity and perspective

Do you ever experience a messy mind? What strategies do you have to clear things up? Come find me on instagram and share in the comments if you feel like it!