Thoughts are habits, too

When unsupervised, your brain will keep repeating the usual thoughts. It doesn’t really matter what is happening in our life, some thoughts will just stick more than others and keep running in the background. 

And from habitual thoughts come habitual feelings. Often not the best feelings. 

Here are some common ones.

“I am not good enough” can lead to feeling insecure.

“What if I sound stupid” can lead to feeling even more insecure.

“What if I do this wrong” can lead to feeling uneasy.

“There is not enough time” can lead to feeling anxious.

“There is too much to do” can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

It doesn’t matter what is actually happening in your day, you can imagine that having these thoughts in your head all day long is guaranteed to have you feeling drained by the time you get home and will prevent you from relaxing in your free time. 

And these thoughts not only make you feel bad, they also lead to worse performance. When you are feeling insecure, you are not going to come up with your best ideas. When you are anxious and overwhelmed, it might actually take longer to complete tasks and it will be harder to prioritize effectively. So in a way, you prove your thoughts true.

What ineffective feeling are you most familiar with? What are your “bad thought habits”? And who would you be without them?

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